27 03 2012

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a FuNkY aRt FeSt!!! 2/3/2012

31 01 2012

Hey all… as you may or may not know we have been invited to share in a great time at the Funky Art Fest in collaboration with To Entertain U, LLC.  It is going to be an awesome night of art, music and fun. Come out and check out the great local artists and our booth. We will be doing LED Water Purification demos as well as have a henna artist on hand to help you become part of the art. Its gonna be a great night so come out and visit us.

Where: Knitting Factory Boise

When: Friday 2/3/2012  @ 7pm

Who: Everyone 18 +

What: Funky Art Fest

We also have a new membership program we will be debuting after our website upgrade…. stay tuned!!!!

Giving back…

9 01 2012

We have been graciously accepting donations of all types over the last couple months. They have come in the forms of money and physical property and are very happy to receive them. It helps us grow!

In some cases things get donated that we have no use for, so we find the right organization to re-gift the donations too. Below is a great story of how we can all give back and its easier then you think.

“Hello my name is Kris Howell. I am the Director of Entertainment for Growing Change Inc… I would like to share my experiences from Tue Jan 3rd 2012. I also am the Kitchen Manager at The Knitting Factory Boise. We were doing our annual inventory of food items yesterday and the amount of stuff that was being written off started piling very high. I could not let these valuable food items go to waste so I asked my Manager Jodie if it would be ok to donate these items to a local charity. She of course had no objections. The charity I chose was the Boise Rescue Mission. When I walked into their office they looked at me as if I was a Client looking for shelter but when I told them I had a sizable food donation their smiles started growing. It made me feel good to know that our “wastes” would help to feed many needy people. Some of the items donated were fresh vegetables, rice, soy sauce, salad dressings, crackers, dessert toppings, etc.

These types of organizations rely on many local donations to function. They help people get out of the weather and have time to think about their next move. I strongly back organizations such as The Boise Rescue Mission because I personally have had to use them before back in Florida when times were rough. Without these amazing souls that help run these places people that have had bad breaks would have a much harder time getting back on their feet. May the Universe smile upon them.

If you have a business in the food industry and are thinking of throwing supplies out because they are close to date or are no longer needed due to menu changes. DON’T! We at Growing Change will come to your place of business and pick up the items and distribute them to needy organizations in our community. We can also write you a receipt for tax deduction purposes if needed which would then pay you back for your wonderful contributions.

Sustain Yourselves,

Kris Howell”

Occupy Boise

4 12 2011


As Boise settles in for the Occupy, we at Growing Change decided to check out the activies at the old court house in downtown. As it is getting cold we also decided it might be nice to donate some food. We aren’t quite sure all the facts, but we do know people need healthy nutrients. In total we donated $80 worth of groceries to the Occupy including: rice, beans, ramon, coffee, hot chocolate, snacks, chips, water, tea, noodles, fruits, vegtibles and potatos. We also donated safety blankets and safety lights we had left over from Agua Palooza.

As we arrived at the Occupation we weren’t really sure what to expect, but were greeted by friendly happy faces. They could tell it was our first time and before we could ask any questions they started giving us a tour. I was instanly impressed at the ingunity and cleanliness of the camp. There were people from all races and ages, although the average was around 32 years of age.

The first stop on our walk through camp was the information tent which is located so passerby can grab information. Next it was on to the communication tent and medic tent. We found out that their is no doctor on site, but a nurse checks in from time to time. I was also surprised to learn that the only people allowed in the camp are people who are actively participating in the demonstrations/disscussions and camp duties.  Transients and homeless are asked politely to help or leave.

Next it was on to the makeshift kitchen. I was surprised to see the organization dispite being in open air tents/tarps and at the amount of donations that had been giving by the public. They will surely need them if they are to grow and be sustained through out the winter.

After dropping off our donations we walked through the heart of camp. We could hear people singing, disscussing and meeting amongst themselves. Learning what makes the society tick and what needs to be change and how it can be changed.  In reality there are no set of demands or concerns. It is a group of people who are angry about how we have been treated by the government and big corporations. People who are angry about our contaminated food by monsanto, the coruption in our governement, the disparte treatment amongs civil classes, and everything else. They are people who are fighting the only way they can.

I fear that at times that it will not be enough and that we are not big enough. But then I am reminded that we are the 99% and eventually voices will be heard and things changed. Perhaps our kids will be eating organic meat and vegitibles and have free healthcare. This is what we can hope for.  Regardless this group of people has come from different places and different backgrounds to make a difference in our country. They are doing it through peace and information and I hope they are able to succeeded for the rest of us who cant!

Donate to Growing Change Inc

13 11 2011

As a 501c3 non-profit all donations to our organization are tax-deductible and greatly needed for us to survive. It is hard for us to help the community locally and internationally without funds. As it is getting close to the end of the year it is important to check your tax information to make sure your are not slightly over your tax bracket. Being even a couple of dollars into the next income bracket could be very expensive come tax time. Luckily we are here to accept any donations which also might qualify you for lower taxes.

You can make your online donations here:

Growing Change Donation Page

Or on Paypal:

We are in the need of several things as well…

Recycled Materials for Greenhouse

  • 2×4’s preferably 12foot length
  • 2 pane Vynl windows of all sizes
  • 1 or 2 french doors
  • PVC/plex-glass sheets for roof.

Solar Panels

Seeds – Specifically spices, vegetables, fruits.

Trees – Donations for community projects.

Marketing and Design

Grant Writting

Board of Director Members specializing in Non Profit Law and Accounting


18 10 2011

WOW. what fun!

Neo Tundra Cowboy playing their Agua Palooza, their last show before Nashville.

Antonio Bommarito doing Steri Pen demonstration from river water!

Caroline and Antoino reading off raffles!

Agua Palooza was a hit! We raised a little over $1500 and got our name out to 300 – 500 people! We had 6 beautiful goddesses in the VIP section healing . We had 5 rocking bands and two dozen donations from different stores and local artists. This community sure knows how to show support.

Thank you….

Pat Mcdonald and the Tropical Cowboys

Danger Beard

Neo Tundra Cowboy

Jupiter Holiday

Actual Depiction

These bands rocked the house!!

Special Thanks to Steri-Pen! You were inspirational in helping us show the public what we want to do on a large-scale!

special thanks to 8th Street Market Place… There were countless donations from this handful of businesses. They need your support!

Special thanks to the Knit Boise! Rocking staff and great accommodations!

Super awesome thanks to our MC Sandy Cavanaugh you are the best MC ever! So super happy and impressed!

Thank you to our BSU Service Learners, Jenn, Katie, Jamie and Tara… you ladies rock!

A special thank you to the board and guidance of Growing Change Inc...  Pamela and Chuck Bommarito, Ken Harris, Donna Vasquez.

Thank you Jacqueline Kennedy, Kat Rolley and all the other mystic healers in the VIP Mystic Lounge!

Thank you to Linzi Alabama, our social media coordinator!

A very very special thanks to Kris Howell and Caroline Nutter. We had so many sleepless nights working to make this show happen. We gave it everything we had and the fruits of labor truly showed in the success of Agua Palooza.

It was a great success and we are so happy that the community came out to support us!

The work is hard and not always glorious but we think we can change the world a little at the a time. Thank you for your help in creating a better place for all.

Gearing up for a Great Time!

14 10 2011

Tomorrow is a big day for Growing Change Inc…

Do you have your Agua Palooza tickets yet?

We can’t wait to see you down at the Knitting Factory in Boise tomorrow night.

Agua Palooza will be a night of rockin’ bands, raffles, silent auctions, a VIP massage and reading room,  and many many more fun surprises.

So come out and support a great cause –you know you want to! 🙂

A huge thank you goes out to The Knitting Factory for sponsoring this event.