Running an organization such as ours takes a lot dedication and hardwork from many volunteers. A lot of the times these people go unthanked and its not that they are not appreciated its just that things get busy. That is why I created this page. To thank as many of you as possible who help make our organization work!

Matt Chilson- For being awesome as always and keeping us passionate. You were our first online donation!

Ryan Collis and The Knitting Factory Staff— Thanks in adavance for all your help. This is going to be one rocking concert thanks to you!

Caroline Nutter– For being excited and also supportive. Thanks for the help  with our silent auction/raffle items!

Felix Beauchesne– For being able to install these systems and fix the things I break!

Ken Harris, Donna Vasquez– For being awesome founding board members. Your support keeps us ticking!

Kimberly Mae Gallagher– For coming up with the idea to add water management and UV purification to our end goals. And for helping with the 501(c)3 paperwork. Couldn’t have done it with out you.

Kris Howell– For getting a great line up for our first event and for being so supportive as we grow!

Linzi Andersen– For always being on board and supportive to our organization. And for giving great insight on how to properly run an event!

Chuck and Pamela Bommarito– For being  founding board members and always supporting the growth of this organization.

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